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Compact Gear Motor With Controller

1,S series Helical-worm reducers are designed based on modulization system. They can easily fit with many types of motors or connect with other power input. The same type of reducers can fit motors with different power. It is possible to combine or connect different types of machines.
2,Structure compacted, save mounting space, long life time
3,High transmission efficiency. A single model reducer can reach a transmission efficiency up to 96%
4,Precise division of transmission ratio with a wide range. The combination model can form large ratio and result a low output rotation speed.
5,Various ways of installation: feet mounting, input flange of B5.
6,The output power of helical worm gearbox: 0.12~22KW (Four-stage motor)
7,Helical worm gearbox project output torque: 10~4900N•m
8,The transmission ratio of helical worm gearbox: 6.8~11267
9,Various mounting forms of helical worm gearbox: foot mounting, input flange of B5. The foot amounting reducer has two machine-processed foot mounting surfaces.


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